Days Gone is another success for PlayStation on PC

Days Gone
(Image credit: Sony)

Although Days Gone on PC launched to middling reviews—Andy gave it a 63 when he took a look—it had a fairly strong launch week. It was the best-selling game on Steam that week, with 27,450 concurrent players over the weekend and a 92% positive rating.

This still wasn't quite enough to outperform Sony's other PC venture, Horizon Zero Dawn (thanks, VG24/7). Despite being a much worse port—with poor performance and crashes causing the game to initially launch to mixed Steam reviews—Horizon had almost double the players around its launch week. It hit a concurrent peak of 56,557 in its first few days, though took a pretty steep nosedive after.

Of course, numbers alone don't mean Days Gone's launch was 'worse' than that of Horizon, but sales are sales. It's also worth noting that Steam reviews for Horizon were much lower at launch, and sit at an 80% positive rating overall.

While sales for Days Gone have been a little slower than perhaps director John Garvin would have liked, it's impressive that both games are currently sitting at 92% for recent positive reviews on Steam. Both have done well, and their decent sales and positive reception can only be good signs for getting more Sony-exclusive games ported over to PC in the future. Now, can we please have Bloodborne next?

Mollie Taylor
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