Dawn of War 3 elite hero Jonah Orion detailed

Dawn of War 3 features a giant space laser and it's not afraid to use it, but it will illustrate some of that OTT-ness in its unit design as well. Here's a guide to Imperial Knight Solaria, the biggest unit ever to grace a Dawn of War title, and here are links to Relic's 'unit spotlights' on the game's Assault Marine, Whirlwind and Assault Terminator units.

But we're here today to talk about the scary guy with the demon baby. His spotlight page isn't working at the moment [Update: now it is], but here's a bit of info on Blood Raven Chief Librarian, elite hero unit, and proud guardian of one freaky baby, Jonah Orion.

"Jonah Orion, Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens, is a psyker of tremendous renown," publisher Sega tells us via email. "First seen in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising, Orion returns to battle in Dawn of War III as one of the powerful Elite units at the player’s disposal. Oh, and he’s joined by a demonic Cherub familiar, through which he channels his psychic abilities. So, there’s that.

"In the Blood Ravens’ darkest hours, Jonah Orion endured the predations of the Tyranid Hive Mind that wiped out his fellow Librarians. Charging into battle after battle, he miraculously survived what was thought to be mortal wounds. His sacrifices caught the attention of Chapter Master Gabriel Angelos, who promoted him to Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens."

His "powerful support and crowd control abilities make him an incredible asset on the battlefield", apparently, and we can learn more about those at the above link. But for now, here's a nice 3D render of Orion, which you can zoom and rotate about to your heart's content.

Tom Sykes

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