Dauntless adds The Coming Storm expansion to its open beta

Dauntless, the Monster Hunter-style co-op action RPG about fighting deadly Behemoths in an aether-charged wilderness, is in open beta. Today, it rolls out its first complimentary open beta expansion. 

The Coming Storm update adds a new Behemoth, named Koshai, and a new faction, the Ostians. They've arrived in Ramsgate with new stories, quests, items and weapons, so says developer Phoenix Labs, and will help players defend the Shattered Isles. 

Said to bring a "distinct and deadly change" to the isles, Koshai causes other Behemoths to behave differently—which I suspect will be to the detriment of the player. Besides help from the Ostians, players can now craft grenades for ranged attacks in their quest to thwart this new baddie.

"Starting today and rolling out over the coming weeks," says Phoenix Labs, "Slayers can expect new content on a weekly basis, culminating in a new ranged weapons, the Ostian Repeaters… This new modular weapon will allow Slayers to customize and tailor their loadout, further complimenting their playstyle."

Here's Phoenix Labs on how The Coming Storm fits into its existing lore: 

The Coming Storm begins when an Ostian Dreadnought is assaulted forcing them to take refuge in Ramsgate. An ominous aetherstorm looms on the horizon and a challenging new Behemoth, Koshai, emerges from the shadows to herald the storm’s arrival. Bearing the title The Sovereign of Thorns, Koshai is a vicious beast that can tear apart the strongest armor with its powerful thorns and vines and is sure to be one of the most fearsome opponents Slayers have faced yet.

The Dauntless open beta is live. More information on it and all of the above can be gleaned from its official site.