Darksiders 2 first details reveal Death as main character

Darksiders - ghouls

Darksiders had you playing the role of War, a caped brute with huge arms and an even bigger blade. We rather enjoyed the first game's bombastic combat and batty plot, so it'll be interesting to see if the sequel can build on everything Darksiders did right. THQ have revealed the first details on Darksiders 2. Word is it's going to be bigger. Much bigger. And we won't be playing as War, either. Instead we'll step into the shoes of his creepy older brother, Death.

The plot of Darksiders 2 will run alongside the events of the first game, and follow Death's attempts to get War pardoned for accidentally kicking off the apocalypse earlier than planned (facepalm). The sequel will feature "a dramatically larger world" full of "light and dark realms." That means more dungeons, bosses, and "a vast array of new enemies." We can expect more of the armour and weapon upgrade systems that we saw in the first Darksiders as well.

With E3 right around the corner, we'll get to see the game properly soon, but for now the only image of the game is Game Informer's next cover , which shows Death dual wielding scythes . He might turn out to be even meaner than War. The game's due out next year.

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