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Darkest Dungeon is getting a new playable class in The Crimson Court DLC

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Darkest Dungeon is a party-based dungeon exploration game that basically simulates what would happen if real people were forced to delve into a real dungeon infested with real monsters. Sure, maybe you come out of it with a bag full of gold or some cool treasures, but you'll probably also have some deep psychological scars to deal with, or at the very least a nasty drinking problem.   

It's a fantastic concept, and it's executed really well: "Great fun, even when it's cruel," we said in our review, which makes clear that the cruelty comes with some regularity. It's been out since January of this year, and today developer Red Hook Studios announced that the first DLC, The Crimson Court, will be relesaed early in the next. 

The announcement contains very little information, but what's there—including the creepy-as-hell image below and "The Blood! I must have the Blood!"—would seem to point at the coming of vampires. The DLC will include a new playable class, "but we're keeping the rest of the details close to the chest for now," Red Hook said in an email. 

We'll keep you posted.

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