Dark Souls mod enables 60fps

Modders' renovation of the shoddy PC port of Dark Souls continues with the appearance of a 60fps patch, spotted by DSO Gaming . The update only works in offline mode, but should remove the 30fps limit resulting in smoother moves, if you have the PC to run it.

Previous attempts to enable 60 frames in Dark Souls have caused motion to move at double clip, making everything even harder than it already was. Based on this video (download to see the 60fps version) and accounts from users who have tried the patch, it seems to work reasonably well.

The fix is available now via this mediafire link . It's an unfinished project, so you might want to back up saves before installing. The 60fps mod requires Durante's DSFix , which removes Dark Souls' 720p restriction, and GFWL protector disabler . Keep up with the latest on the mod's progress with the help of this Steam thread .

Beneath the locked framerates and dodgy resolution there's an excellent game waiting to kill you again and again and again. Find out more in our Dark Souls review .

Tom Senior

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