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Dark Souls bonfire found in Just Cause 3

Dark Souls bonfire
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While Avalanche is beavering away on fixes for performance issues and crashes (opens in new tab) that appear to have struck at random, those who can play have access to a ridiculous expanse of island—some 400 square miles. It stands to reason that the devs managed to tuck a few Easter eggs (opens in new tab) away in some of the darker corners. Or sunlit beaches, as is the case for this cute little Dark Souls (opens in new tab) reference.

Steam user Synatti (opens in new tab) stumbled upon a bonfire at N 40 41.221, E 5 35.019, complete with high-powered rifle in place of glowing sword. You can light it too, although there's no word on what happens if you go dropping the souls of Mediterranean dictators around the place. Thanks go to YouTuber Razed for the footage.