Dark Souls 2 speed run clocks in at under an hour

Dark Souls 2

While it took me around 80 hours, here's Dark Souls 2 completed in less than an hour. Usually when I see a speed run stat this impressive it's wise to assume glitches have been exploited. But that's what makes this run so mind-boggling: Twitch broadcaster Allakazzaror has managed to beat the game in 59 minutes and 15 seconds, and not once does he break the rules set down by From Software.

While Allakazzaror naturally foregoes all of the non-essential boss battles, it's fun to watch his minimally attired build evade the vast majority of the game's grunt enemies on his way to the final showdown. It's not a perfect run either: there's one avoidable death in the playthrough below, indicating that Allakazzaror's record could easily be challenged by someone patient and willing enough.

Shaun Prescott

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