Cyberpunk 2077 sex speedrunner gets laid in just 11 minutes

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We've written about tomatoanus before—he beat five Fallout games combined in under 90 minutes (opens in new tab), he had to change his name (to Tomatoangus) for Games Done Quick, and most notably, perhaps, he does Fallout: New Vegas sex speedruns (opens in new tab), where you have to sleep with every possible partner as quickly as you can. His current record: under 29 minutes.

Now tomatoanus is putting his very particular set of skills to work on Cyberpunk 2077, seeing how fast he can go from the start of the game to having sex with someone. His record currently stands at 10 minutes, 27 seconds—which is about how much time it takes me to pick a set of eyebrows in the character creator.

Until recently, it was taking him around two hours from the start of the game to his first sexual encounter. That seems like a long while, but the way Cyberpunk 2077 is structured, players don't have access to the full city when the game begins. First, the prologue has to be finished, or else you can't leave the boundaries that lock you into the starting section of the city. This is a problem, because sex workers in Night City are outside those prologue's boundaries.

But where there's a will (or a willy), there's a way. Tomatoanus starts by maxing out his character's body for extra stamina and reflexes for extra speed. Seven minutes into the Street Kid lifepath (the shortest of the three), after fast-forwarding through every conversation possible (and patiently sitting through those that are not), tomatoanus is in the car with Jackie ready to begin the first real job. Once in the mission area, he simply sprints past the enemies, runs onto a ledge, and starts "fist gliding," a weapon-swapping glitch that propels you swiftly forward. This, along with some parkour, gets him in a position to jump to the street using a fall damage negation glitch that lets you plummet safely to the ground from great heights by sliding.

Tomatoanus, having now escaped the boundaries of the prologue zone, fist-glides through the city. The world is eerily car-less since he's not really supposed to be there, but luckily, the citizens of Night City are all in place, including the sex worker who agrees to get down with tomatoanus at the 10:27 mark. That's not much time for romance, but plenty of time to get busy. 

For more sex-based Cyberpunk 2077 speedruns, check out the leaderboard (opens in new tab) (where speedrunner Catalyzt has already trimmed about 30 seconds off tomatoanus's time).

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