Cutesy platformer A.N.N.E. seeks your generous donations


This new RPG-puzzle-platformer stars what appear to be the Teletubbies' pixelly cousins, and man, they're a hell of a lot less frightening when condensed to a 16-bit aesthetic. In fact, the stars of A.N.N.E. are positively huggable , and they're accepting cuddles now for their Kickstarter campaign. Also, money. Checking out the charming trailer.

How about that chip-flavored soundtrack, eh? A.N.N.E.'s described as a game of "open exploration." Is an adorable little ram repeatedly kicking your ass? Why, you can just go chill in your spaceship for awhile and come back later when you've leveled up a little. Or you can use your spaceship to throw around some heavy objects, create new pathways, and maybe knock out an enemy or two. It's certainly looking to offer more choice and variation than your standard indie platformer.

One-man game development team Games By Mo has been in the business awhile, having made browser- and iOS-based games, but he calls A.N.N.E. his "first opus," and he's seeking a suitably ambitious $70,000 on Kickstarter . If I had a spare hundred dollars lying around I'd definitely go for that A.N.N.E.-branded SNES-style USB controller, but you know what - a much more affordable $10 for a DRM-free copy of the finished game doesn't sound too bad, either.


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