Crypt of the Necrodancer studio reveals its next game, Industries of Titan

Crypt of the Necrodancer developer Brace Yourself Games has announced its new project, which is about as unlike its previous effort as you could imagine. It's called Industries of Titan, and it's an "industrial city building sim/strategy game" set on Saturn's largest moon. 

Industries of Titan promises the usual array of city-building excitement—process resources, keep everyone happy, and nurture a small settlement into a "massive metropolis"—coupled with a competitive strategy game that will pit you against the administrative abilities of other Great Houses. You can outmaneuver or outmuscle them politically, technologically, and/or economically, or you can just blow them into nothingness with your custom-designed battleships. And while you probably can't dance to it, it will feature music by Necrodancer composer Danny Baranowsky. 

Details are short right now, but the screens and teaser throw off a real Blade Runners-meets-Sim City visual vibe, and that alone is enough to grab my interest. A release date hasn't been set but the Steam page says it's "coming soon." 

Andy Chalk

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