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CryEngine action-RPG Umbra appears on Kickstarter


Umbra is being made in CryEngine, and so it has all of the physics and all of the particle effects. As action-RPGs go, it's not as whoosh-bang-wow looking as Lost Ark, but still offers some neat tricks—from Divinity: Original Sin-style elemental combat to a set-piece fight on the shoulders of a giant. Take a look at the Kickstarter pitch video, and see if it doesn't make you go "hmm," or "ooh," or similar.

In addition to the wielding of magicks, Umbra's protagonists boast an "Apocalyptic Form" that allows players to shape-shift based on playstyle. For instance, melee characters might grow a third arm, and fire casters might gain lava-skin.

Umbra's Kickstarter page goes into exhaustive detail about the world, story and systems. For all of this to come into being, the developers want to raise an ambitious $225,000. They have until June 14 to meet that goal.

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