Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 4: 1095-1112

He who passes the sentence...

February 20, 1097: After joining forces with Finnish rebels, King Erik's allies crush the Tavastians. Roughly 100 Munster men have fallen by the time the survivors return to their ships.

September 15, 1097: As the ua Brians return home after a tumultuous voyage, they receive word that King Magnus II of Norway been usurped by Duke Austmond of Ostlandet. Magnus still holds the title King of England, though, and nearly all of Norway's former holdings on Britain.

Harald Hardrada's legacy is now utterly crushed, with his heir's claim to their home nation usurped and England still divided among the pretenders. Magnus' realm is now just called "England" on the board, though Duke Estmond of Lancaster still holds more de jure English soil than anyone else.

November 5, 1097: Duke Brian invites a group of visiting hedge knights to a grand feast.

I've gained the Gregarious trait, which will generally improve public opinion of me.

May, 1098: The Cathar heresy takes hold in Ormond. Duke Brian sends his court chaplain, Earl Tadgh, to bring them back into line.

The Catharists were a heretical group of medieval Christians that took issue with Roman religious offices, baptism, the Eucharist, and a few other things. Details aside, letting their ideas spread invites crusade and inquisition to my lands. So we won't be having that, thank you very much.

August 2, 1098: Duke Brian's son and heir, Murchad, dies of severe stress at 28. He is survived by his wife, Princess Joan of Scotland, and their one daughter, Catriona. For reasons beyond the duke's understanding, the title Lord Mayor of Ormond is inherited by Domnall ua Ruairc, a club-footed hunchback who seems like an all-around horrible person.

King Erik sends a raven expressing his condolences... but also that he really needs troops to drop-kick some more barbarians. Seeking the solace of battle to take his mind off his eldest son's death, Duke Brian readies his arms and his ships.

April 15, 1099 The combined host of Danes, Poles, and Irismen, numbering over 11,000, secures victory over the Käklisalmians. Duke Brian has lost only 37 men over the course of the course of the 9-month war, which had no terribly exciting battles to speak of due to the absurdly lopsided troop numbers.

February 10, 1100: Duke Brian rings in the new century when a spy is discovered sneaking around his castle, and the duke decides to kill him with his bare hands.

Come on, right?! That was actually one of my options! How could I not pick that one? This will inspire fear in my vassals and subjects, and probably deter future spies.