Crusader Kings 2 competition - win Paradox's epic king-sim in this Golden Joystick giveaway

To celebrate the nomination of Crusader Kings 2 in the Golden Joystick Awards , Paradox are giving away four copies of its era-spanning medieval monarchic strategy game. And not only that - they also have a code for the game's Sword of Islam DLC to go with each box.

We're big fans of the game, as you'll know if you read our review of Crusader Kings 2 , in which we call it "an astoundingly rich and yeasty depiction of medieval Europe" and even "the best strategy game I've played in yonks". And no surprise, given the amount of freedom the game gives you, ushering your noble lineage through the centuries on a bloody wave of war and politicking. Blackmail nobles for their sexual infidelities! Kill kings! Imprison your own duplicitous family members! Sell your daughters! All these delights and more await you, all drawn with lurid, dynamic detail.

To win one of these packs, you'll have to design a coat of arms worthy of the noble PC Gamer lineage . Send a link to your design to with the subject line: Crusader Kings 2 competition. We'll close submissions at the end of this month.