Crusader Kings 2 and all the expansions are really cheap in the new Humble Bundle

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I've heard good things about this Crusader Kings 2 strategy game from Paradox Interactive—87/100 on PC Gamer!—but there are so many expansions to buy and that really adds up. How can I indulge my curiosity without breaking the bank?" If so, the Humble Crusader Kings 2 Bundle is just what you need to scratch that oddly particular itch.

For $1, you get Crusader Kings 2, and The Old Gods, The Republic, Sunset Invasion, Legacy of Rome, and Sword of Islam expansions. That's a lot of crusading with kings for a buck. For more than the average amount of bucks, you'll also get Horse Lords, Way of Life, Charlemagne, Rajas of India, and Sons of Abraham. And finally, at the top tier of $15 (which is so close to the average price that you might as well go all-in) the Holy Fury, The Reaper's Due, Jade Dragon, Monks and Mystics, and Conclave expansions are also yours.

As far as I can tell, the bundle includes the base game and every CK2 expansion: The only things not included are things like the shield, unit, and portrait packs. That's a whole lot of game for $15, especially given that the comparable Royal Collection bundle is normally $200 on Steam. The Humble Crusader Kings 2 Bundle is available until August 13.

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Andy Chalk

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