Creative Assembly say Shogun 2 won't ship until "the AI is perfect"

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Creative Assembly are looking to reassure Total War fans that the AI problems seen in recent entries in the series won't be a part of Shogun 2, saying that the game won't ship until the AI is perfect.

In an interview with Gameplanet , Creative Assembly Community Manager, Craig Laycock admitted that "AI really has been a bit of an issue for us in the past."

The lowest ebb in the Total War AI saga came with Empire: Total War, when players realised that, among other problems, enemy nations wouldn't attack by sea. Laycock says "even Napoleon was better than Empire. I mean, one of our goals for Napoleon was to fix the issues we had in Empire, and I think to an extent we did that really well. We want to get it so there's nothing stupid happening in the game. We don't want to see stupid AI. It is a big thorn in our side, and it's something we've really had to work on."

"Basically, if any of our designers are playing the game and see something stupid, it's like everyone stops. Everyone gets around the PC to have a look at it, and see what can we do to fix it. We want to get it so there's nothing stupid happening in the game."

Here's hoping that Creative Assembly can live up to their promise and deliver some smart, agressive enemies when Shogun is released next year. For more information check out our preview . if you can't wait until next year and fancy booting up Total War again, check out our 10 essential mods article for some fresh Total War challenges.

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