Creaks, the next weird game from Amanita Design, is coming later this month

In some ways, the upcoming platformer Creaks appears to be a departure for Amanita Design, which is best known for point-and-click adventures like Machinarium, Samorost, and Botanicula. In others, though, it looks to be very on-brand, because going by the new trailer released today, it's still going to be very weird.

Creaks is a sidescrolling puzzle-adventure about a young man in a mansion where some very strange things are happening—things that compel him to explore "a world inhabited by avian folk and seemingly deadly furniture monsters." It will offer dozens of "carefully designed puzzles" that can be taken at their own pace, with hidden paintings and a "great secret" to discover, and like previous Amanita games will feature a hand-drawn visual style and an "eclectic original score," this one by Joe Acheson's Hidden Orchestra project.

And even though Creaks is not a traditional Amanita adventure, I have very high hopes for it. The studio's 2018 release Chuchel eschewed most conventional adventure game trappings for a wild slapstick rage-comedy ride, and it was fantastically good—it somehow manages to maintain this level of energy through its entire running length.

Creaks doesn't have a release date set yet, but Amanita said it will be out sometime this month.

Andy Chalk

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