Crawl down a toilet in the demo of adventure game Endacopia

Endacopia gif
(Image credit: AndyLand)

You too can crawl down a toilet and go on an adventure that may nor may not be worth going on, friend, in the demo for surreal point-and-click game Endacopia. It's a game filled with surreal, offbeat humor that at any time threatens to verge into violent, dark, traumatic horror. 

Endacopia is packed with some pretty unique animation in a style some ancient, dusty people may remember is decidedly influenced by the early days of great internet flash animation. By the time I was done with the demo I'd evaded several tentacles, fistfought a clock with razor claws, done what can only be described as electrical engineering for toddlers, and used a plunger on several things.

It's the kind of adventure game that's all the more fun for its emphasis on absurd solutions to abstract puzzles, some of which aren't intuitive at first but are certainly funny by the end—or at least mildly bemusing for the most cynical among us.

Here's how Endacopia describes itself: "You will be required to guide a lost child through a world that operates on foreign rules. The child’s name is “Mellow” and he doesn’t know much about anything other than the fact that he has a strong gut instinct. With a little help from his guardian angel (You!), Mellow will be able to overcome many obstacles in the way of him finding a place he can call “home”… wherever that may be."

You can find a free demo for Endacopia on, and a Kickstarter for a more complete version is running now. If you try the demo and want more, well, I'd suggest that route.

Endacopia is made by YouTube animator AndyLand, the working name of one Andrés Guerrero, and has music composed by Packtion.

AndyLand made a little video announcing it on YouTube which probably makes sense if you have watched AndyLand's other videos and animations but if you're just me is unnerving and strange. I'll embed that below.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.