This mod adds the gloriously chunky PS1 Spider-Man outfits to new game

low poly spiderman with battle damage getting his stuff rocked by a super hi-fi, modern rendered hooligan in skii mask
(Image credit: Insomniac, NexusMods user Low_res_jpg)

Modder low_res_jpg over on NexusMods has put together a delightful treat for fans of Neversoft's classic PS1 (and Dreamcast and PC and N64) Spider-Man game. The new mod adds 11 low-poly classic Spidey suits in all their chunky, turn of the millennium glory.

Spidey's gotten a ton of videogame adaptations over the years, but Neversoft's 2000 entry was special⁠—and that's not just the residual magic of finding it under the tree on December 25, 2000 talking. Neversoft's game was the web slinger's first time in full 3D, brought to life on the same engine as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. It also remains a rare comic book adaptation alongside the likes of 2005's Ultimate Spider-Man⁠—even the independent setting of Insomniac's game has a real movie vibe to it.

Low_res_jpg went the whole nine yards, even mocking up a classic-style, low poly version of the 2018 game's distinctive "Advanced Suit." The model swaps correspond to pre-existing costumes as follows:

  • Advanced Suit
  • Classic Suit
  • Symbiote Suit replacing Noir Suit
  • Scarlet Spider
  • Spidey Armor replacing MK2 Armor
  • Spider-Man Unlimited replacing Secret War
  • Ben Reilly replacing Homecoming
  • Captain Universe replacing Negative Zone
  • 2099
  • Quick Change replacing Last Stand

Currently, they all have to be downloaded as one big pack, sharing certain files and replacing all of the outfits listed. Low_res_jpeg has stated on the forum that they plan on breaking it up in the near future, letting you pick and choose your preferred retro getup and leaving the rest untouched.

This project really takes me back, and I'm always a sucker for low poly novelty skins in real hi-fi games. Mario's N64 fit in Odyssey is a good one, and I also love the MGS1 snake costumes in Metal Gear Solids 4 and 5. Just recently, fellow Nexus user FantasyRaiderr gave the treatment to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, offering a chunky, toaster-handed Cloud to go with all the 4k textures. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go jam out to the PS1 Spider-Man's main theme.

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