Counter-Strike: GO mapper threatened with legal action by Montreal transit authority

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community mapmaker is being threatened by the Société de transport de Montreal after creating map based on the Berri-UQAM Metro station. Diego Liastis recreated the Canadian underground station with some friends, but came to the attention of the transit authority when he requested permission to use the location. The STM have reportedly issued a cease-and-desist, threatening a $50,000 fine plus legal fees if the map is released to the public.

The STM told Liastis that they didn't want their "copyrighted metro network" to appear in the game. "[The STM] told me that they feared the game could create panic among the city's public transit users," Liastis said. Presumably they're worried about the hopefully tiny portion of Metro users who are not only aware of CS's mod community, but are also inexplicably terrified of digital representations of places they know.

Despite the STM's initial refusal, Liastis continued with the project, claiming he doesn't believe he can be legally blocked from recreating a public space. Map programmer Frédéric Denis called the STM's response "ridiculous," saying that potential terrorists could learn about the subway in the same way that he did: by going there and riding it.

Did the existence of this map constitute a terrifying threat? Judge for yourself with the below preview video.

Thanks, Le Journal de Montreal (via The Escapist )

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