Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player gets headshots with a wheel controller


There are a number of small ways you can humiliate your opponents in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . A classic move is to knife your enemy even when it would be wiser to shoot him with a silencer, just because you can. It's a way of saying you're confident enough you can take him to have a little fun with it, like challenging someone to a fight with one hand tied behind your back. Yesterday, the folks at GameMuscleVideos took this idea to an extreme degree by playing CS:GO with a wheel controller.

Obviously, you're not going to be getting first place when you're playing with a wheel that doesn't even allow you to look up and down. The goal was simple to see if they could get anything above last place, and, amazingly, they did. I'm betting that would really burn whoever did come in last if he knew, as well as anyone who was taken down by the player “KILLED YOU WITH A WHEEL.”

With the exception of some obnoxious narration, it's a pretty funny video, if only to see that it's even possible.