Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch adds Weapons Course and Zombie Mod support

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is out in just six hours, giving us the chance to jump into a buffed and polished rendition of a classic, which is nice. A beta patch arrived yesterday adding a zombie model that will be used in the Zombie mod, which will be playable with CS:GO later today . It also added a weapons course, which provides basic training in CS:GO's guns and gadgets.

The patch also cleans up the UI a bit and fixes a few bugs. Check out the patch notes and the cinematic trailer Valve released at Gamescom last week below.


• Added the Weapons Course to the game.


• Voice notification can now show more players talking.

• Updated the freeze panel to no longer show the heath for your killer in competitive mode.

• Added an option in the menu to disable the game instructor messages.

• Update to the player info panel to no longer show achievement alerts.

• Update to the leaderboard screen to default to “Friends” filter.

• Added the “Total Games Played” leaderboard category.

• Updated the Play With Friends screen:

-- Made the chat window bigger so text is no longer cut off.

-- Adjusted the size of dimming when the focus changes between friends list and lobby list. It used to obscure the friends list and a little of the chat. Now it only obscures the friends list.

Bug Fixes:

• Updated the radio command panel so that the radio panel doesn't end up at the top of the screen during a mode that doesn't have a money panel.

• Set Classic Casual deadtalk to 0 to encourage fair play.

• Fixed the freeze panel dynamic positioning that would allow it to go too high.

• Fixed a missing text string displayed when player is not connected to Steam in leaderboards.

• Fixed a bug where the Mag7 could be bought by Ts via console commands.

• Fixed a bug where adding favorite server was not functional in the Community Server UI.

• Fixed a bug in the Play With Friends lobby where using left and right on keyboard or gamepad made the screen unresponsive.

• Fixed a bug in the Play With Friends lobby where typing in the Chat window would cause player names to flicker in the friends list.

• Fix for voice/chat/radio messages. Better unified the handling of voice and chat messages.

-- Chat messages now correctly use sv_allchat (instead of sv_alltalk), which should be more consistent with other source games.

-- Team-only communications now are not affected by sv_allchat/sv_alltalk, which means that private communications to one's team stay private, regardless of game mode.

-- Team-only communication is also not overridden by sv_full_alltalk, which allows teams to privately communicate strategy during warmup time and intermission.

-- Radio commands are considered team-only, so these should still be usable for tactics during games with sv_alltalk enabled (e.g. casual).

-- Spectators no longer hear team-only communications, except when sv_spec_hear is mode 2 (hear/see comms of the spectated teams).


• Increased the audible range of the c4 plant and disarm sounds.

• Fixed audio randomly chirping/screeching on certain levels.


• Tuned lobby distance computations when performing matchmaking.

• Exposed a convar ("mm_csgo_community_search_players_min") for community quick match to look for community servers having at least specified number of human players already playing.


• Shipped zombie model to support the Zombie Mod

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