Could you be Bond? Take the British Intelligence Officers Exam and find out

Promotional web-games are not typically our thing at PC Gamer, but today we make an exception, partly because I am now ridiculously over-hyped for Skyfall, but mostly because this free text adventure is extremely well-crafted and rather funny. Designed by the masters of experimental play over at Hide&Seek, the interactive fiction takes the form of the British Intelligence Officers Exam , in which your judgement as an MI6 handler is tested in a number of simulated scenarios.

To help your spook escape from peril, you must pay close attention to their descriptions of the environment, scour maps and examine their available inventory. Some of the situations are easily survivable, but that alone won't get you a pass mark. Take to your licence to kill too enthusiastically, and you'll end up squandering useful intelligence assets - by, say, detonating a few tonnes of catacomb onto their heads. Oops.

Sadly, it's clear that M does not stand for Marsh, as I have so far failed entirely to achieve the optimum result in any situation. See if you can do better: head over to the knowingly anonymous-sounding to give it a shot.