Corsair stretches warranties for some PSUs to 10 years

Corsair AXi PSU

We can say from experience that not all power supplies are created equal. There are a few companies with reputations for putting out higher quality units. That list includes Corsair, which announced today that the company is extending the warranty period for several of its PSU models from 7 years to 10 years.

The new warranty period applies to all Corsair AXi, HXi, RMi, and RMx power supplies. If you buy one new, it'll be backed by 10 years, and if you already own one, you'll receive an additional 3 years of coverage. There's no additional registration or any other information required by current owners, either.

"Corsair’s commitment to PSU quality and longevity has always been at the heart of its entire PSU line-up, and is why millions of customers have chosen Corsair PSUs to power their PCs. This commitment isn’t just made at the manufacturing level – it’s also at the heart of Corsair’s customer support experience, ensuring customers who choose a Corsair PSU have faith and confidence in their purchase for years to come," Corsair said.

These aren't just high wattage, high dollar PSUs that Corsair is extending coverage for. The lowest end of the bunch is the RM550X, a 550W power supply that streets for a reasonable $100 (£75).

Paul Lilly

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