Corsair gives the green light to overclock hand screened Torque memory

Corsair continues to crank out premium memory modules under its Dominator Platinum line. Its newest entry is the Dominator Platinum Special Edition Torque series featuring hand-selected memory chips and a custom 10-layer PCB design.

The new memory is built for overclocking, both because only higher grade memory chips make the cut and also due to superior signaling afforded by the custom PCB. According to Corsair, it is safe to overclock these DDR4-3200 kits to at least 3,600MHz.

"What’s more, with Corsair's patented DHX cooling technology, the aluminum heat-spreader is built right into the PCB, ensuring rapid heat dissipation and lower temperatures," Corsair adds.

A heat-treated top bar offers additional aesthetic flair. And if that is not enough to draw attention to these modules, they have built-in lighting and orange accents. Each kit is also individually numbered using laser engraving.

Playing off the Torque theme, Corsair commissioned case modder Lee Harrington to create a custom chassis to show off its new memory modules. It is an impressive show piece with a flaming paint job, pneumatic hood struts, and even working headlights. Click here to see more of it.

As you might have been able to guess, Corsair's new memory is not cheap. There are two available kits, both 32GB in total capacity. One consists of two 16GB modules and is priced at $400 (£380Inc. VAT) and the other is comprised of four 8GB modules for $450 (£430 Inc. VAT).

Corsair's pricing represents about a $150 premium over other 32GB DDR4-3200 kits.

Paul Lilly

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