Corsair brings Bulldog PC and Lapdog controller out to play

Forget about who let the dogs out, the real question is who let them run amok in the living room? That would be Corsair, and we're not talking about canines here, but the company's Bulldog PC and Lapdog accessory.

Corsair's barking at living room gamers with a high-end PC that can sit aggressively in your home theater rack while you plop on the couch with its lapboard companion. These were shown off earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show but are now starting to reach retail.

The Bulldog PC comes as a kit or already configured. Both consist of a low profile Bulldog chassis, Hydro series H5 SF cooler, and 600W power supply. 

If you opt for the DIY kit, Corsair tosses in a Gigabyte Z170N-WiFi motherboard, leaving you to add a processor (and cooler), memory, graphics card, storage, and OS. For storage, you can stuff up to three 2.5-inch SSDs or a single 3.5-inch HDD inside the Bulldog's belly.

Corsair says the Bulldog sports a builder-friendly layout with tool-free fittings. It also supports a range of all-in-one graphics card coolers, including Corsair's own HG10 and H55.

Once you've settled on a system configuration, the Lapdog lets you kick back on the couch and control the action like you would on a desktop. It's made from anodized brushed aluminum and has a large removable memory foam lap cushion for comfort.

The Lapdog itself weighs 2.63kg, plus the weight of whatever keyboard and mouse you decide to use. It supports Corsair's K70 and K65 planks, both of which Corsair says will fit securely in the Lapdog, and you can use any mouse you want on the 11-inch x 11-inch textured surface.

There's a hidden compartment inside the Lapdog for cable management. It also has an integrated powered USB 3.0 hub with four USB 3.0 ports and a lengthy 4.8m cable to drape across your living room floor.

Initially, the Bulldog DIY kit (CS- 9000001) is available in North America for $399 (pricing is yet to be confirmed in Australia). Complete systems will be available soon online and at Micro Centre locations, with prices varying by configuration.

The Lapdog is available now in North America, U.K., France, Germany, and Scandinavia for $120 (£120). 

Paul Lilly

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