Copyright claim pulls Automobilista from Steam


Highly rated Brazilian racing sim Automobilista has been pulled from the Steam Store following a copyright claim by an unnamed company. Project manager Renato Simioni shared the news in a Reiza Studios forum post.

"As is known, Automobilista packages a variety of officially licensed cars and brands alongside fictionalized, originally created content. The claim in question does not make any specific reference to content present in Automobilista supposedly in infringement of the party's copyright—until it does, our belief is that it has no merit.

"We have already taken the appropriate measures to resolve the issue ASAP, but in accordance to Valve's policy, the process may take a few days to be completed."

I've reached out to Reiza for more details—it's not the first time a racing game has been struck by a takedown notice in recent days. Last week, Formula One World Championships Ltd ordered the removal of mods for Automobilista and two Codemasters' F1 games from fan site RaceDepartment.