Unlicensed Formula 1 mods ordered to be removed

F1 2015

Mods for Automobilista, F1 2013 and F1 2014 are no longer available after legal claims from Formula 1’s commercial rights holder demanded they be removed.

As – rather angrily – detailed over on Pretend Race Cars, the threat of legal action from Formula One World Championships Ltd has resulted in over 30 pages of mods being removed from the Race Department forum.

The general reason behind the removal is because the mods infringe on Formula 1’s copyrights – cars looking like the real cars, that sort of thing – and it is something for which F1 has every right to demand things be taken down.

That said, it’s not exactly like the modders are making big bucks off the mods. They’re getting nothing from it. That’s where it strays into the territory of the big boys throwing their weight around (hence the aforementioned anger).

Still, if you want slightly up-to-date team, tracks and drivers you can pick up F1 2015, even though it’s not great. Just don’t try modding it – or if you do, don’t put your mod out there for others to download.

This isn’t the first time takedowns have happened, with the FIA – motorsport’s governing body – sending out cease and desist letters in the summer of 2014 to get modders to take down their free wares.