Cooler Master's MasterCase HP500P mid-tower case is all about airflow

Cooler Master is attempting to tap into what made its previous generation HAF (High AirFlow) cases so popular, and that is plenty of air cooling. To that end, its new MasterCase HP500 supports up to seven cooling fans, including two large 200mm RGB fans up front that come with the case (you can swap these out for up to three 140mm/120mm fans if you really want to).

The HP500 also includes a rear-mounted 140mm fan, and if you want to up the cooling ante, you can place up to three more 140mm/120mm fans or two 200mm fans up top. Alternately, you can install liquid coolers throughout the case—it supports up to a 360mm radiator mounted up top (maximum thickness clearance is 55mm) and in the front, and a 120mm or 140mm radiator in the rear.

Just as the Cooler Master's HAF cases looked different than your standard far, the MasterCase H500P has a "revamped futuristic look with a structured bar design" that most users will either love or hate.

A tempered glass side panel that is lightly tinted gray lets you show off your build, minus the power supply, which is hidden inside a customizable shroud in the bottom chamber. To further help with hiding cables, there is a CPU cutout cover on the back and a removable cable cover panel.

You can show off your graphics card by mounting it so that the cooling solution faces outward, though you'll need to purchase a riser cable in order to do that. The case supports long graphics cards up to 512mm in length.

While the HP500 is big on airflow, it does not offer a ton of storage options—there are two dedicated 2.5-inch bays and other two more bays that support 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives.

Cooler Master's new case is available now for $150 (£135).

Paul Lilly

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