Conclave throws out tabletops for browser windows


Getting together with a group of friends for a night of tabletop gaming can sometimes be a pain. Every time you get close to figuring something out, there's always that one person who can't make it and messes everything up for the rest of the group. If that situation is familiar to you, you might try your hand at Conclave, which just graduated from beta status.

The browser-based game developed by 10x10 Room is inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and the other tabletop RPGs we know and love. The decisions you and up to three friends make will determine which way the story goes, and you can continue your quest on a PC, tablet or smartphone—pretty much anything that can boot up a browser.

Conclave's first 10 adventures are free to try out, but you or one of your friends will have to shell out $19 on the game's website for the 15 other quests in the campaign. Only one person in your group needs to buy the game for everyone to play it, so make sure the person who buys it lacks any kind of a social life.