Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances will bring C&C to your browser

Command %26 Conquer Tiberium Alliances

Hot off the recent announcement of Command & Conquer: Generals 2, EA announce that they'll be releasing a browser-based C&C called Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances. They describe it as a "hardcore strategy" that will be playable on any "HTML5 compatible browser or mobile device."

Apparently you'll be able to build alliances and take territory by "leveraging your social network strategically," which sounds a little sinister. You'll also be able to gather resources and battle your friends for control of a "dynamically updating map." It's being developed by Phenomic, the studio behind Battleforge and Lord of Ultima , both of which are free to play. EA will be taking closed beta applications on when it eventually goes live.

It looks like EA are making use of the C&C Alliances domain names they registered recently. As with Dead Space and Dragon Age, EA often spin out new releases across multiple formats, so we might see some additional iPhone or Facebook games taking the Alliances tag.

Tiberium Alliances will accompany Generals 2, which is being built by Bioware Victory in Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine. The developers recently told us that Generals 2 will " set a new bar for fidelity in the strategy genre ." We'll have to wait a while to find out, it's scheduled for release in 2013. There's no release date yet for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances.

Update: The beta application site is now live. EA have also confirmed that it will be free to play. The closed beta is set to start tomorrow.

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