Command and Conquer Remastered studio reveals a brand-new RTS

Command and Conquer Remastered developer Petroglyph Games is working on an all-new RTS called The Great War: Western Front that features both real-time action and turn-based decision-making across the most pivotal front of the First World War.

Revealed today during the Future Games Show, The Great War: Western Front puts players in charge of either the Allied Nations or the Central Powers as they engage in a grinding, grotesque war of attrition across the muddy, blood-soaked fields of Europe. The game promises both highly-detailed depictions of real-time trench warfare and broader, turn-based strategic gameplay as Theater Commander: Allocating resources and fortifying positions across the Western Front, and determining the direction of technological research ranging from poison gas to powerful tanks.

"Battles take place in a living, persistent world, with existing battlefields holding the scars of previous battles and deteriorating as players revisit them, while changing weather conditions will provide additional challenges for each unit," Petroglyph said.

Original Command and Conquer composer Frank Klepacki is also returning to create the soundtrack for The Great War: Western Front. Klepacki previously worked with Petroglyph on the Command and Conquer Remastered Collection.

The Great War: Western Front is being published by Frontier Foundry, the publishing label of Elite Dangerous studio Frontier Developments, and is expected to be out on Steam and the Epic Games Store sometime in 2023.

Andy Chalk

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