Code Vein drops suitably anime trailer and a bunch of new screens

"Prepare to Dine" was the cryptic tagline teased by Code Vein back in April, before Bandai Namco officially unveiled its incoming anime-inspired post-apocalyptic dystopian ARPG. Due at some point next year, it's now got a new trailer, and a bunch of new screenshots. 

Since its reveal, we've seen a fair bit of Code Vein in motion. And while cautious to avoid billing it as 'Dark Souls But Anime', it does look very Souls-like—even if that particular descriptor is overused. See for yourself:

As a long-serving fan of Hidetaka Miyazaki's nightmarescapes I don't have a problems with Souls parallels here, however I do understand why some players are fed up with the comparison. Nevertheless, the battle with the stone demon-like baddie which features around the 1.35 mark above looks suitably Souls-y. 

The game's new screens, on the other hand, focus on its cast of whimsical blood-consuming chums. Here's those: 

Code Vein is without a hard release date but is due at some stage in 2018.