Cloudbuilt built this city on jetpacks and wall-running, as this trailer demonstrates

If I was the Prince of Persia - and some day I may be - I'd be a bit miffed watching this trailer of the upcoming 3D platformer/racer Cloudbuilt . All those years spent practicing wall-running have been rendered moot by a single, awesome contraption: the jetpack. With a jetpack in tow, wall-running is a trivial, if blisteringly fast affair; rather than clunkily clambering your way up a tall building, you're darting between them like a sci-fi Sonic the Hedgehog - or you will be when the game's finished, at any rate. Cloudbuilt's impressive obstacle courses won't be ready until later this year, but as the latest video shows it's coming along quite nicely.

Developers Coilworks promise branching levels, the ability to "carve your own path" through the levels themselves, and a focus on beating friends' high scores and ghosts - that last one being particularly important for the modern platforming/racing/arcade type thing. I'm reminded of Dustforce and Mirror's Edge immediately - if Cloudbuilt comes anywhere close to those games, we could have something special on our hands.

Here's where you'll find Cloudbuilt on Steam Greenlight , and here's what it looks like in motion (best to watch in HD):

Cheers, Joystiq .

Tom Sykes

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