Cleopatra's coming atcha in this Total War: Rome 2 trailer

In the latest trailer for Total War: Rome 2, Cleopatra looks back on all her great and/or terrible deeds, including the relatives she's had murdered, the Carry On films she's inspired, and the late 90s girlbands she's directly responsible for. Those last two reflections may or may not be in the following video - but you won't know for sure until after the break.

Yeah, they weren't in the video. Things that were in the video: flaming boats, catapults, backstabbing and elephants. Basically, all the ingredients for a great birthday party. Total War: Rome 2: Total War: Rome is due out September 3rd, and now we know that Cleopatra's in it. You'll find more details in our Rome 2 preview .

Tom Sykes

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