Classic indie RPG Geneforge is being remastered

(Image credit: Spiderweb Software)

Spiderweb Software has returned to Kickstarter to fund its next RPG. The indie joint, founded by Jeff Vogel in 1994, has been consistently putting out complex, liberating RPGs that, you'll quickly notice, aren't exactly easy on the eyes. They're great, though, and the next one will revisit one of the most unusual outings: Geneforge. 

Geneforge is a sci-fi fantasy hybrid where magic and science co-exist, replete with opposing factions, open-ended quests and plenty of player choice. Also you can control an army of mutant monsters. It spans five games, all still available, but what was a bit dated in 2001 is even trickier to get into in 2020. 

The remastered version will nudge it closer to 2020 with a better interface, graphics and design, according to the Kickstarter page, and will also be available for iPad, as well as PC and Mac. Vogel isn't planning massive changes to the story, but he still wants to introduces some new characters, storylines, and even abilities and game systems. 

All of the Geneforge games will hopefully be remastered, but the Kickstarter is just for first, Mutagen. "It's a huge job," reads the Kickstarter page. "Remastering the five games of the Geneforge Saga will take years. Yet, this is one of our most beloved series, there has been a big demand about it, and we're excited to start the journey with Geneforge 1."

Spiderweb Software is looking for $30,000, a target it seems poised to smash. The Kickstarter only went up today but is already nearly halfway there. If it hits $50,000, a new endgame mutant monster will be designed with help from every backer, each able to make a suggestion. At $75,000, a new multi-zone region, complete with new characters, quest and loot, will be thrown into the mix.

This is the studio's second Kickstarter, following the successful campaign for Queen's Wish in 2018. The estimated release date for Geneforge 1 – Mutagen is February 2021, but as with all Kickstarter delivery dates it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Fraser Brown
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