Civilization V: Brave New World's launch trailer shows up early, and we're OK with that

Sid Meier's Civilization V 's newest expansion, Brave New World , doesn't hit PC until July 9. But the drive of the human spirit to create great things is so indomitable, so profound, that the producers of the launch trailer refused to wait and instead released it today. For freedom! For progress!

Or maybe they put it out 11 days early because it's got Keith David narrating, and that alone should pour some gas on the publicity fire.

We've had a lot of fun with Civ V and its various expansions, and we've been looking forward to diving into this one. It adds nine new civilizations including Morroco, Brazil, Venice , and Indonesia. The new civilizations and their leaders can strive toward eight new Wonders, including Broadway, the Globe Theatre, and the International Space Station.

Players can also look forward to conquering the world monetarily through new trade routes or bringing nations to order through the World Congress.

Brave New World hits on July 9 in the US and July 12 everywhere else. You can snag it for $30/£20.