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Civilization 6 will allow multiple leaders to represent the same civilizations

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Although sort of teased by Civilization 6 lead designer Ed Beach a while back, it has now been officially confirmed that Firaxis' incoming 4X strategy game will allow multiple leaders to represent the same civilizations. 

Which means players can take different civs in different directions—manipulating each leader's strengths as they see fit. As an alternative to Pericles, Gorgo will also vouch for Greece, offering players a distinctly different playstyle to her compatriot.  

"As with playing Greece under Pericles, you're going to want to focus on Greece's strong culture game," notes the following trailer. "Gorgo allows you to play more aggressively... [and] when you go to war, you're going to want to completely destroy your enemy's army in order to use her ability to its utmost." 

Success will in turn hinge upon your understanding of when to pursue war and when to ascertain peace, yet it seems Gorgo is more inclined to chase the former, should this character spotlight be anything to go by:

As Gorgo, your capital city is Sparta as opposed to Pericles' Athens, while her unique ability is the culture boost-focused Thermopylae. With Your Shield or On It marks her leader agenda which in essence means she can't give up items during peace deals.  

Civilization 6 is due next Friday, October 21—tell us which alternative leaders you'd like to see added in the comments below. In unrelated Civ 6 news, this interview with composer Christopher Tin is pretty interesting.