Civilization 6 unveils Rise and Fall expansion, release date set

Since launch last year, Civilization 6 has drip fed us incremental updates by way of new race DLC, Steam Workshop and mod tools, and a free demo. Now, it's unveiled its Rise and Fall expansion—billed as the "deepest Civilization experience to date".

Due on February 8, 2018, players are tasked with guiding their civ of choice through the ages wherein 'Great Ages' see civilizations entering 'Dark' and 'Golden' periods, depending on your in-game actions. "Rise triumphantly from a Dark Age," says publisher 2K, "and your next Golden Age will be even stronger – a Heroic Age."

A new city loyalty system means cities now have individual loyalty to player leadership, wherein low yields, politics and revolts are a constant threat. Rise and Fall also brings with it nine new leaders, eight civilizations, a number of new units, wonders, districts, buildings—and perhaps you should have a gander at the expansion's announcement trailer:

"With the new Great Ages system in Sid Meier’s Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, players can experience the ebb and flow of building empires amidst the challenges of history, either to lasting greatness or the dust of antiquity," says developer Firaxis' Anton Strenger. "With this expansion’s new features, players will be both challenged and rewarded in ways never seen before in the 26 years of the Civilization franchise."

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall is due February 8, 2018.