Civilization 4 veterans unveil historical 4X strategy game 10 Crowns

No matter what this PC Gamer reader survey says, Civilization 4 is the best Civilization. Agreed? Good. Mohawk Games—the studio co-founded by Civ 4 lead designer Soren Johnson and art director Dorian Newcomb—has now announced 10 Crowns, a historical 4X turn-based strategy affair that aims to let players create the "greatest dynasty in world history."

In doing so 10 Crowns departs from the sci-fi themes employed by Mohawk's previous game Offworld Trading Company, however promises some "radical innovations" to the genre in the process. 10 Crowns is currently in the prototyping stages of development, so I guess we'll have to take Johnson at his word for now.

Here's more from him: "Everyone here at Mohawk is very excited to work with Starbreeze on 10 Crowns, going back to our game development roots to make a classic historical 4X strategy game with some important and radical innovations to the genre. I look forward to sharing more about the design with the strategy game community and involving them in development as early as possible."

Starbreeze CEO Bo-Andersson-Klint shares Johnson's enthusiasm: "As an avid Civilization IV fan and gamer, I couldn’t be more excited about 10 Crowns promise of refreshing the classic strategy genre. I’m greatly looking forward to working with Mohawk on the game."

Not much else to go on as yet, but here's a smattering of early artwork: