Citizen Sleeper's free DLC Flux gets a release date

Citizen Sleeper, the cyberpunk life-sim RPG where you roll dice to simulate the twin struggles of a corporate-owned synthetic being on the run and also surviving under capitalism, is getting its first DLC. Called Flux, it'll be out for free on July 28.

In Citizen Sleeper, the space station city of Erlin's Eye becomes your new home, which I just typoed as "new hope" appropriately enough. Flux adds a new storyline in which refugees begin arriving on the station, their ships the first wave of a larger flotilla. As the station decides how to deal with this influx of bodies, putting a quarantine protocol into effect, you'll get to know the crew of a ship called the Climbing Briar. First its captain Eshe, whose story "will challenge the player to choose how to deal with a growing crisis that could threaten the entire station", and then Peake, who has "a plan to get much needed relief through the quarantine to the refugee flotilla."

Flux is the first in a series of free expansions planned for Citizen Sleeper, with a linked story across them that expands on the setting of the Helion System. There will be two more episodes, which the Citizen Sleeper roadmap has tentatively scheduled for release in October and 2023 respectively. (The trailer's description on YouTube suggests early February for episode three, though notes it's to be confirmed.)

In his Citizen Sleeper review, an attractive member of the PC Gamer team named Jody Macgregor wrote, "Citizen Sleeper has multiple endings, some of which let you continue playing to find others. By the time I was done I hadn't seen any attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion or C-beams glittering in the dark, but I had freed an AI from a vending machine, foiled a couple of corporate schemes to get toeholds on the station, and renovated a bar. I didn't want to leave, and I hit the credits three times finding multiple endings in one playthrough."

Jody Macgregor
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