Citadels, a new medieval RTS in the age of Arthur

Citadels offers up a provocative question: Do you defend king and country or join the men who want to destroy it all? The single-player RTS set in the world of Arthurian knights was launched yesterday by Slovakian studio Games Distillery and promises a look at both sides of the legend, according to a press release from publisher bitComposer Games.

One campaign puts players in King Arthur's court while the other has you taking part in his nemesis Mordred's attempt to conquer the kingdom. Gameplay in either campaign centers around castle assault and defense by making use of moats and other defensive structures or armies and their various siege weapons.

Historical characters also have a role to play and can be unlocked to take advantage of certain perks on the battlefield. Players who fight on the side of King Arthur can look for help from the sorcerer Merlin, who grants a starting bonus in the game's different battle scenarios. Those of you who choose to back Mordred can call on King Guthrum, a warrior character who can help infantry during sieges.

Castle-building games have a long— colorful —history on the PC and I especially welcome new experiences that play with the morality of established mythology like King Arthur. I am also curious to see how the Slovakian-based developer approaches such a well-known set of stories, with characters who are so integral to the popular understanding of Medieval culture. A fresh set of eyes can often draw out some strange and wonderful new perspectives on familiar stories.

Citadels is currently available for $35.99 on Steam , a 10 percent price reduction which ends August 2. Check out the launch trailer below.