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Chucklefish detail future plans for Wargroove

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Chucklefish, the developer of Starbound and publisher of Stardew Valley, just released their latest game Wargroove (opens in new tab). It's turn-based tactics with a strong vibe of Advance Wars only in a fantasy setting where one of the units is adorable dogs. You can read our review here (opens in new tab).

On the Chucklefish blog they've announced their post-release plans for Wargroove (opens in new tab), which in the immediate future includes a patch that's currently going through approval. It'll fix bugs like online spectating not working on Fog of War maps.

Beyond that there will be a fix for various quality-of-life issues people have been complaining about, like a way to set fast map movement to be always on and faster ways to skip battle scenes. In the long term they're looking at "a larger content update, DLC and more." Also mentioned in the blog post is the fact that, though the game's only been out since February 1, it's already covered development costs. 

Chucklefish have been on Reddit too, doing an AMA about Wargroove's release (opens in new tab). In response to a question about the decision to have dogs flee from combat when defeated, they gave this response: "A lot of the motivation for it came from the feedback that we had at conventions, with both players and press expressing sadness when they saw the dogs die. We agreed that none of us wanted to see dogs dying in the game, and just made them run away instead." So that's nice.

Jody Macgregor
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