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Chompston: Pac-Man meets Bomberman meets take it away from me I can't stop playing

I've arrived a bit late to the Chompston party - the celebrity guests have all left, and the Pac-Man-themed power-pellet food has gone cold - but I'm too busy playing this engrossing, free arcade game to care. It's a mash-up of Pac-Man and Bomberman, essentially, but with a musical twist that generates a tune as you chomp dots and lay bombs. As you progress (as in Pac-Man, you complete each stage by eating all the nummy dots), smarter enemies emerge, though interestingly the levels themselves are randomly generated.

Chompston might look rather basic, but it captures the hectic panic of both Pac-Man and Bomberman exceptionally well, while the generative musical element keeps your toes tapping as you attempt to outfox the various ghosts. Although Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is still the rightful king of the genre, original Pac-Man is now dead to me. Dotty gameplay video below.

(Via IndieGames and TIGSource .)