Papercraft prowling: Children of Liberty is a 2D/3D stealth platformer

Children of Liberty
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When the armies of the Revolutionary War clashed their might for the fate of fledgling America, the forgotten children kept out of danger by slinking within guard-infested, dimly lit warehouses. Or that's what developer Lantana Games believes, at least. Its upcoming stealth platformer, Children of Liberty (opens in new tab) (via RPS (opens in new tab) ), has you thwarting British forces meddlesome-kids-style in a mixed 2D/3D aesthetic that shows a lot of personality and promise.

Lantana's website (opens in new tab) has a free embedded alpha demo available, but it's only a barebones representation of what's in store for Liberty. Lantana plans a sturdier stealth system with more aware enemies, vision cones, and the ability to peek and trigger takedowns around corners. Sure, those are pretty fundamental things, but apart from Assassin's Creed III, not many games take on the interesting combo of American independence and stealth.

Players can switch between four kids ranging in age between 8 and 14, which is apparently that transitional period into adolescence where we all feel the urge to swing a lantern into a guard's face. Though only two characters are playable in the demo, their skill differences—the lanky Joseph can double jump, for example—suggest different styles of play. Lantana claims "much of the dialogue is taken from direct sources such as journals and letters," so we better brush up on our 'tis and 'twills.

Head over to Liberty's website (opens in new tab) for more info, and if you're looking for something a little more immediately accessible, a certain marked ninja (opens in new tab) awaits in the wings.

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