Celebrate Valentine's Day the traditional way, by grabbing Lies of P's crossover DLC with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Valentine's Day looms over the temporal horizon, like a giant soulslike boss just desperate to hug you to death. I can't say I've ever thought V-day and soulslikes had that much in common, unless you've got a thing for having the stuffing kicked out of you. But that hasn't stopped Koei Tecmo and Neowiz sensually putting their heads together for a Lies of P/Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty crossover DLC event, which will bring Lies of P players a lovely Wo Long-shaped present on February 14.

Next Wednesday, Lies of P will get a free update that adds several Wo Long equipment items to the game's roster. This includes the Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive weapon, the Armor of the Honorable, and the Bandana of the Honorable. The video above shows the weapon and armour set in action. Nothing says "I love you" like absolutely shredding a giant clown with an ancient Chinese polearm.

This is actually the second part of the crossover event. The first arrived in September last year, adding Lies of P's Puppet Sabre and "Etiquette" umbrella into Koei Tecmo's Three Kingdoms era hack 'n' slash. The weapons are also included in the game's Complete Edition, so if you haven't picked the game up yet and decide to do so, they'll be in there somewhere.

This won't be the only DLC that Lies of P receives. In November, developer Neowiz released two images showing off previously unseen locations, including a laboratory and a ship, that will form part of the game's upcoming expansion. Neowiz has further confirmed that a sequel is in the works, unsurprising given the original game sold a million copies in less than a month. It rather earned it too, with our reviewer Lincoln Carpenter saying Neowiz "pulls off its gritty Pinocchio retelling" adding "You can put an oversized bonesaw in Pinocchio's hands and it just feels right."

Koei Tecmo, by comparison, has no plans for a Wo Long sequel. But the game didn't do badly either, also selling a million copies. Sam Greer was ecstatic about it in her review, calling it an "exceptionally accomplished evolution" of the formula. Clearly there's still a lot of love kicking around for the soulslike, so perhaps it and Valentine's Day aren't so far removed after all.