CD Projekt removes consequences for punching Cyberpunk 2077's most punchable character in the face

cyberpunk 2077 fingers gets punched
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When a videogame lets me dramatically punch someone in the middle of a conversation, it takes a lot of restraint to resist the urge. The opportunity arises a couple of times in Cyberpunk 2077, and nobody is more deserving than Fingers, Night City's scummiest ripperdoc, who V encounters during the main story. 

Despite his extremely punchable face, for years it was actually a better idea to play nice with Fingers. Cleaning his clock meant locking him out as a vendor, which sucked if you wanted to nab his unique stock of legendary cyberware. Luckily, Cyberpunk's recent 2.0 update changes things.

As noted by several Reddit users (and shared by GamesRadar), you're now free and clear to punch out Fingers with zero consequences: all ripperdocs carry the same stock as of update 2.0, so all you're really missing out on is one spot to buy the same cyberware as everywhere else.

PSA: All ripperdocs have the same stuff, so Fingers is free game from r/cyberpunkgame

A good thing, too: I've punched him out in all three of my playthroughs since launch and never knew he used to be the only way to get one of the best cyberwares in the game—the Pain Editor reduces all incoming damage by 10%. Or at least, it used to. The whole cyberware system got a major overhaul in the 2.0 update, including the total removal of some mods to fit the new balance. I've yet to find the Pain Editor in my 2.0 playthrough, and it's possible it won't appear until I unlock Tier 5 gear by leveling up.

Cyberpunk's cyberware overhaul is just one of the reasons why it really is the best time to play (or replay) CD Projekt's tumultuous RPG. The game is enjoying the tail end of a comeback years in the making, culminating in the release of the excellent Phantom Liberty expansion.

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