CCP on the future of Eve item store: "$10,000 gold-coloured Scorpions - who knows?"

Eve Incarna clothes store

In a recent blog post , CCP reveal that the new Eve Online item store will get a series of tiers selling items at different prices. The upper of these items will be aimed at the "flamboyantly rich," and CCP hint at a fourth "exceptional tier" of items that will sell items that represent "a very special and rare investment for the wealthiest members of the Eve community."

But how expensive can the new items really get? The monocle that went on sale with the launch of The Noble Exchange item store surprised everyone with its high price, but future items could cost much, much more. Speaking to Eurogamer , senior producer Arnar Gylfason said he fully expects the store to stock pricier items in future, adding "$10,000 gold-coloured Scorpions - who knows? At some point."

The item store will be divided into three levels. Items at the "affordable tier" wil cost the equivalent of one unit of PLEX - a type of in-game currency that represents game time. It can be bought with real money or Isk. Middle tier items will cost three to four PLEX. CCP haven't disclosed the cost of high tier or "exceptional tier" items.

CCP chose to reveal their plans for The Noble Exchange store after a recent meeting with the player-elected Council of Stellar Management to discuss the controversies of the recent Incarna update. CSM chairman Alex Gianturco told Eurogamer that they aren't too concerned about the prices of items in the new store.

"If they come out with something like - just as a hypothetical [example] - unique ship models with limited runs that they want to charge $1 billion for: as long as it doesn't impact the competitive gameplay of Eve Online - If some crazy rich person wants to buy that, I don't care and, by and large, the CSM doesn't care, and that money helps go to develop Eve."

"Humans spend their money on stupid shit all the time," he added, "whether they're playing an MMO or whether they're buying sports cars or houses that are too big for them."

A range of clothes is set to hit The Noble Exchange soon. Players will be able to don their space-wear in the new captains quarters and the multiplayer Incarna areas set to be added later this year. These communal zones will let players meet up and show off their space threads on Eve's space stations.

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