Casting scripts for the Netflix Witcher show have leaked

To get the obvious question out of the way, no, these aren't the working scripts for the show. These are scripts used in auditions, showing off isolated character moments, and won't be part of the series when it finally airs.

Two casting scripts from Netlix's show based on The Witcher series have shown up on Reddit, and been confirmed as legit by showrunner Lauren Hissrich. One depicts Yennefer talking Geralt into going to a ball, and in the other she interacts with a king begging her for a favor. You can read them on the Witcher subreddit.

Fans are already fussing over the minutiae because of course they are, like Yennefer using the phrase "power couple". But this is a series where people talk about genetics and discuss their relationships in very modern psychological terms. In the third game, sex workers quote Madonna lyrics. Even if this was a final script and not one written specifically for auditions, it wouldn't be anything to worry about. Some of the dialogue's pretty funny, and the core of the characters are definitely there.

Here's everything we know about The Witcher on Netflix so far.

Thanks, IGN.

Jody Macgregor
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