Carbine announces that WildStar will support addons and promises they'll be easy to build

WildStar preview thumb

Each week, the developers of Wildstar provide a glimpse into their process as they build the upcoming steampunk, sci-fi MMO that emphasizes multiple playstyles . This week, they announced that the game will fully support player-created addons . This is great news and a welcome change from the depressing trend of recent MMOs, like The Old Republic, Tera and DC Universe Online, not letting players build custom mods for their interface.

Wildstar 's Lead Client Engineer Jon Wiesman goes into the details of their UI engine, which is powered by XML and Lua (like WoW's) and promises that "If you can program at all, I promise you'll be able to make an Addon for our game. Our commitment is to make sure the process is documented, clear, and accessible. Promise."

Oh, and there will be hoverbikes .